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Watch Care Tips

When setting the time, always turn the hands in a clockwise direction.

IMPORTANT: If you need to change the time, always set the day and/or date function during the day. Since the day-date mechanism is activated between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am, adjusting the time during these hours can jam the mechansim.

For maximum efficiency and preservation of value, a fine mechanical watch, like an automobile, needs regular check-ups. A mechanical watch should be serviced every three to four years, depending on the manufacturer's instruction, however the time interval will vary depending upon use and other factors. When your mechanical watch begins either gaining or losing substantial time over a period of a few days, the watch likely requires servicing.

A quartz watch should be serviced when a battery change is necessary.

Quartz -vs- Mechanical Watches

In Quartz watches, a specially-designed battery activates a Quartz crystal inside the movement that vibrates approximately 33 times per second. These vibrations are then translated into impulses by a computer chip that drives an electronic motor that moves the watch's hands. In the late 1960's, a Swiss research group designed and tested the first electronic watch movement. Today, quartz watches account for over 90% of the world watch production.

Mechanical watches have either manual or self-winding movements. In a manual watch, the wearer must turn the crown (button on the outside of the watch's case) to wind the mechanism. In a self-winding or automatic watch, the movement is activated by a rotor which turns by the force of gravity with the regular movements of the wearer's wrist.

Why Swiss?

A good watch design is truly timeless. But there are also fashion and sport watches for those who prefer trendier styles. No matter which style you choose, Swiss watches are known for their innovative trendsetting designs. When you purchase a Swiss watch you can be sure you're on the cutting edge of style.

Whether you work in an office and can wear any type of watch, are athletic and need a sport watch, or are exposed to rougher elements and require a shock-resistant timepiece, you can be sure that there's a Swiss watch to meet your budget and lifestyle.
Watch Cost Considerations

A fine timepiece lasts from generation to generation and, with the right care, can still be going strong in 100 years. While initial cost is a consideration, so is value, quality, and overall longevity as an heirloom piece. In the long run it is far more economical to buy a quality timepiece that will last for generations over several less expensive but ultimately "disposable" watches.

A number of factors affect cost. Case materials, which house the movement, vary from platinum, gold, steel, to even brass and plastic. Whether the watch is fitted with a bracelet or strap also affects cost, as do the addition of precious metals and stones.

Mechanical movements are generally more expensive than quartz.

Watch Definitions

Chronograph: A watch which not only indicates the time of day in hours, minutes and seconds, but also measures continuous and discontinuous intervals of time; a watch with a stop-watch function.

Chronometer: Not to be confused with the above chronograph, this term is assigned to watches that have undergone severe testing at a laboratory or an official institute. A chronometer is a precision instrument and is accompanied by a certificate.

Perpetual Calendar: A watch with a counting instrument that automatically adjusts itself for the variation of days in months and (leap) years. Perpetual Calendars represent the highest echelon of mechanical watchmaking.

Water Resistant: The case, and all other outside materials are made in such a way that no dust or water can penetrate. Water resistant watches should be tested or maintained once a year.

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